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The Alocasia is a common genus of houseplant here in Singapore. Alocasias fair quite well in Singapore’s indoor homes if they are placed near the window which provides adequate light for plant to grow.

Here at we stock a growing range of alocasia plants for the aspiring and experienced plant keeper to try. Our top 3 most popular alocasia species are the Alocasia Melo with it’s unique hardened leafs. The Alocasia Stingray with leaves shaped like a stingray and the Alocasia Frydek, a velvety leaf with a special glimmering sheen.

From these 3 species that we have named, you can see that the alocasia has many different variants which makes them very interesting plants to keep in Singapore.

Shop for your alocasia with us at and be assured that we will provide you with the best alocasia available in the market.