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Begonia Hybrid

Scientific Name: Begonia sp.
Ease of Keeping: Difficult
Rarity: Uncommon

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The Rex Begonia is prized for its intriguing foliage and colour! These intriguing houseplants make for interesting table pieces and are best suited for the indoor gardener looking for a good challenge.

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Quick Care Guide

Water Moderately

This plant can tolerate a drier growing medium, but will do well if you water it regularly. Check that the growing medium is about halfway dry, then water thoroughly.

Medium Light

This plant will benefit from being in a location with low to medium indirect or ambient light. Exposure to harsh, direct sun will cause leaf burn and colour fading.

High Humidity

This plant requires a high humidity environment (70% >) to thrive. Lower humidity levels may result in crisping or uneven yellowing of leaf edges.

Problems & Maintenance

Begonias are prone to powdery mildew and dislike having their leaves wet, so do your best to avoid misting. Watering should be done directly in the pot, or from the bottom-up.

Suitable for Indoors

This is a plant that will live happily indoors so long it is properly cared for. Begonias can grow outdoors but it is important to increase sun exposure gradually.

Toxicity Level 2

This plant is moderately poisonous. All begonias contain insoluble oxalates and should be kept away from pets and children.


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Begonia Hybrid

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