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Dischidia Ruscifolia Variegata

Scientific Name: Dischidia ruscifolia Variegata
Ease of Keeping: Easy
Rarity: Uncommon

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The Dischidia ruscifolia Variegata is a beautiful trailing plant that features small, long, odd-shaped leaves. Best displayed in a hanging planter, a gentle breeze will have it dancing in the wind! This plant has earned itself the nickname of “Variegated Million Hearts”.

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Quick Care Guide

Water Moderately

This epiphytic plant receives its moisture from dew and the air. It can tolerate a drier growing medium, and if grown on bark, should be misted frequently or submerged in water until air bubbles disappear.

High Light

This plant loves to receive lots of bright, filtered light. It may even tolerate a few hours of direct morning or evening sunlight.

Moderate Humidity

This plant requires a high humidity environment (75% >) to thrive, although it will tolerate a slightly less humid location.

Problems & Maintenance

The Dischidia ruscifolia Variegata is prone to mealybugs. Inspect its vines regularly to keep them at bay. As this plant has white, variegated leaves, it requires higher amounts of light to photosynthesize.

Suitable for Indoors

This is a plant that will live happily indoors so long it is properly cared for. It can also be planted outdoors, but do not expose it to harsh, direct sunlight or the variegated leaves may burn.

Toxicity Level 1

This plant is poisonous and contains sap that may cause skin irritation. Do not ingest. Keep away from pets and small children.


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Dischidia Ruscifolia Variegata

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