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Monstera Deliciosa

Scientific Name: Monstera Deliciosa
Ease of Keeping: Moderate
Rarity: Uncommon
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The Monstera Deliciosa is one of the most popular house plants around! As the plant matures, it begins to display fenestrations on its leaves and eventually develops holes that have earned it the  nickname of the “swiss cheese plant”. Give it a well-lit spot in your home and watch as it takes over your room for that truly urban jungle vibe!

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Quick Care Guide

Water Moderately

This plant can tolerate a drier growing medium, but will do well if you water it regularly. Check that the growing medium is about halfway dry, then water thoroughly. 

Medium Light

This plant will benefit from being in a location with medium to bright indirect light. A few hours of sun will also be enjoyed.

Moderate Humidity

This plant requires a high humidity environment (75% >) to thrive, although it will tolerate a slightly less humid location.

Problems & Maintenance

The Monstera Deliciosa is a relatively pest-free plant but can attract spider mites and thrips. Keep its leaves dust-free by wiping it down with warm water weekly.

Suitable for Indoors

This is a plant that will live happily indoors. Do bear in mind that it can grow quite large and will require a substantial amount of growing space.

Toxicity Level 2

This plant is poisonous. The Monstera Deliciosa contain calcium oxalate which are especially toxic to pets. Keep away from curious animals and young children.

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1 review for Monstera Deliciosa

  1. Jas

    Perfect plant! Adds so much life to my room, compensates for my cold cold heart. Great addition, highly recommend!

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Monstera Deliciosa

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