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Pothos N’joy

Scientific Name: Epipremnum Aureum 'N'joy
Ease of Keeping: Easy
Rarity: Uncommon

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The Pothos ‘N’Joy is a variation of Epipremnum Auereum. With its creamy, almost white-tinged variegation, this plant can be encouraged to grow cascading vines that will drape beautifully from a shelf or bookcase.

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Quick Care Guide

Water Moderately

This plant prefers a drier growing medium. Check that the growing medium is almost fully dry, then water thoroughly. The pot should feel significantly lighter than usual.

Medium Light

This plant will benefit from being in a location with medium indirect light. Exposure to harsh, direct sun will cause the white variegation to burn.

Low Humidity

This plant will fare decently in normal household humidity (50 – 60%) but will benefit from higher humidity levels.

Problems & Maintenance

The Pothos is a fairly pest-free plant that is virtually impossible to kill. Be careful not to overwater it, to keep root rot at bay.

Suitable for Indoors

This is a plant that will live happily indoors so long it is properly cared for.

Pet Friendly

This plant is moderately poisonous. Eating parts of it may result in vomiting, drooling. and irritation. Keep away from pets and children.


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Pothos N’joy

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