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Rosemary Plant

Scientific Name: Salvia rosmarinus
Ease of Keeping: Difficult
Rarity: Common

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Fancy an indoor herb garden? Why not start off your culinary planting journey with a Rosemary plant? This edible plant is a popular choice and will fill your kitchen with an aromatic fragrance!

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Quick Care Guide

Water Frequently

This plant loves a consistently moist growing medium. You should check this plant frequently to ensure that it is watered almost routinely, to prevent it from drying out at all.

High Light

This plant loves to receive lots of bright, filtered light. It is recommended that you provide it with at least 3-6 hours of direct morning or afternoon light.

Low Humidity

This plant will fare decently in normal household humidity (50 – 60%) but will benefit from higher humidity levels.

Problems & Maintenance

The Rosemary plant is prone to aphids, and should be inspected and treated regularly with a gentle solution of dish soap and water.

Suitable for Indoors

This is a plant that will live happily indoors so long it is properly cared for. It is also highly suitable for outdoor growing.

Pet Friendly

Hooray, this plant is pet and child friendly! No parts of this plant are toxic when ingested or irritating to the skin.


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Rosemary Plant

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